Homecoming Week

By Hayley Dumesnil

Students dressed up for American Hero or Camo Day!

Students dressed up for American Hero or Camo Day!

The Senior lounge is themed as Our Jungle.

The Senior lounge is themed as Our Jungle.

The week of October 7th-October 11th is Homecoming Week at The Brook Hill School. It is a fun time of year here at Brook Hill and everyone really gets into it. The theme this year is “Heroes.”

Like every year, the students dress up for the themes for each day. On Monday students dress up as “American Heroes” or camo, Tuesday is “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys,” Wednesday is “Sports Heroes,” Thursday is “Superheroes,” and Friday is “My Heroes Wear All Orange.” The best-dressed superhero will win a gift card!

Wednesday is the day when the students participate in Camp Brook Hill or Olympic Day and they end the day off with an Upper School Talent Show. It’ll be hard to compete with the talent that we had last year, but the students will try.

Other activities include a lounge decorating competition on Monday and a bonfire and pep rally, which will be on Thursday at 7:30pm. The most spirited and best-represented class will win Jean day for Monday, October 14.

Friday, the Guard will be taking on Trinity Christian Cedar Hill. At halftime will be the presentation of the Homecoming Court. The Freshmen Duke and Duchess are Alec Kitt and Lauren Eden. The Sophomore Duke and Duchess are Clayton Engel and Charlie Niles. The Junior Duke and Duchess are Chase McDermott and Anna Lee. The Senior girls on the Homecoming Court are Lily Cool, Kennedy Rose, Kendall Wells, and Jazmen Jones. The senior boys are Jeffrey Yeager, Josh Heingartner, Zac Wilson, and Caleb Wagner.

Then on Saturday, Homecoming Week will come to a close with the “Juke- Box Heroes” dance at 8:30pm at the Lower School.

It’ll be a memorable homecoming!


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