Brook Hill adds a debate class and team

by Allie Childers

Ever wonder where to put your arguing skills to good use? Now there’s a place! Brook Hill is now offering a course in debate. Led by Mr. Glenn Ballard, the members of debate class will form The Brook Hill School’s first ever debate team.

“I am very pleased and proud that our school is offering debate,” states debate teacher Glenn Ballard, and “I’m very impressed with this inaugural class of students. We don’t just get up and debate; we challenge some of the arguments and build the best team we can be.”

Debate is arguably one of the best extracurricular options at the school. Debate student Panda Edwards says that “It’s fun, it’s probably my favorite class.” And fellow student Val Allen adds that “it’s pretty cool.”

On top of the bundles of fun that debate class is, it’s also a good experience for the future. “Debate is good for anyone who wants to be a lawyer or on top of philosophical views,” says Val Allen.

So, if you’re one of those people who just loves to debate, consider joining the class. Anyone is welcome!


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