Cross Country

CC Kennedy

Kennedy Rose crosses the finish line for the win at the Hallsville Cross Country meet on Saturday August 31!

By: Hayley Dumesnil

The 2013 Cross Country season is the third year that Brook Hill School has amped up its competitive Cross Country program. This season, we have added to the coaching staff Brandy Lopez. Ms. Lopez is a middle school Spanish Teacher with a B.A. in Sociology/Spanish from Southwestern University. Her hobbies and interests include running, hiking, and traveling. This is her first year at Brook Hill and, as runner Josh Ruark says, “She knows what she’s doing.”

So far, the team has participated in one competitive meet and fun runs, like the foam run. But the season isn’t over yet! The next cross-country meets are October 4 in Lindale, October 12 in Eustace, and on October 26, the State Cross Country Meet.

Freshman Chad Niles says, “My teammates are awesome!” When asked about how he likes his first year of cross country, he replied, “It’s fun. I may run again next year.”

When asked about what she likes about cross-country, Freshman runner Patience Lopez says, “running calms me down. The adrenaline makes you go fast [at a meet] and you get it over with but then you feel great. We bond as a team a lot more.” She also said that “a lot more people should run cross country and they’ll have a lot of fun!”

The members of the team are seniors, Hayden McMullen, Drew Jenkins, Josh Ruark, Kennedy Rose, Jeffrey Yeager, Josh Heingartner, junior, Phillip Kitt, sophomores Charlie Niles, Julia Troxell, Valerie Allen, Morgan Moss, freshmen Patience Lopez, Alec Kitt, Marcus (a boarding student), and Chad Niles.


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