By Samuel Willis

NewYork 148

Last year’s New York SPARC trip with Mr. Ballard

The 23rd of September, last Monday, was the day of the SPARC expo. From 6:30 to 7:30 students had the ability to examine all of the SPARC classes available this year and personally speak to the teachers about the classes before making their decision at registration.

Don’t know what SPARC is? Here’s a quick overview: SPARC week is a period shortly after Spring break that allows students to try different unique classes in replacement of their normal ones. A list of these classes is available at Mrs. Hanks’ front desk, or at this link:

While at the expo, I interviewed multiple people about how they felt about SPARC this year:

What do you think about the SPARC classes this year?

“I like the cheap ones, but the trips look cooler.” (Elise Hawkins – student)

“There is a tremendous variety of options. I’m excited about the different experiences our students are going to have.” (Mr. Fletcher – teacher)

“I know there are several great trips planned, people are learning to create things. I think SPARC is a great opportunity for our kids to experience something new and different. The Chicago trip will be the best, though.” (Mr. Ballard – teacher… guess which trip he’s leading)

“Some of them are pretty good, and some are crazy. I wish they would’ve done this when I was in school.” (Robert Evans – parent)

Any ideas for SPARC classes next year?

“San Francisco Trip, Moab Utah trip, Auschwitz.” (Elise Hawkins)

“What I try to focus on are theater and art classes. I target cities where theater is especially strong. I will likely focus on another great American city with a strong theater position.” (Mr. Ballard)

“A trip to the moon.” (Mr. Fletcher)

How is interest in your particular course (Teachers only)

“We’ve had a lot of people visit tonight, but we won’t know until October 1st.” (Mr. Ballard)

“Seems like there are a lot of boys who are gonna join us. We had a lot of people last year and I think that we can match that this year.” (Mr. Fletcher)

Any other comments involving SPARC?

“I think it’s going to be a fun learning adventure!” (Elise Hawkins)

“I think it’s incredible that we get to expose students to opportunities from all over the world.” (Mr. Fletcher)

“I think that there was a good turnout for the SPARC expo. I’m looking forward to registrations and moving forward with plans for the trip.” (Mr. Ballard)

“I think getting students out in the world for a little while is a good idea. The mission trips are likely to be eye-opening.” (Mr. Evans)


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