Junior Class Adventure: College Tour 2013

by Elim oluwole

The class of 2015 took a torturous, yet adventurous 3-day holiday from school to visit a sum of five prestigious colleges, both public and private: Texas A&M, Texas State, University of Texas, St. Ewards, and Baylor. Why “torturous,” you ask? Because this trip tested the patience of each and every junior due to the BRUTAL HEAT RAYS of Texas and the MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF WALKING we had to do.

Walking around these thousand-acre colleges was no easy task but this trip was educational and engaging. The juniors got to interact with different students from each college and also got to eat in the some of the colleges’ dining facilities. This made the juniors almost feel like college students and feel mature (except for the fact that we were all wearing matching shirts so everyone basically knew we weren’t part of them yet… How embarrassing!)

Anyways, other than visiting colleges on the trip, the juniors also got the opportunity to visit Austin Park, an amusement center which has go carts, water rides, laser tag, and several arcade games. There was an indoor roller coaster, which everyone seemed to love. We even represented Brook Hill on there!

“It was a great way to end the trip and it was absolutely fun,” said Pasha, who is a new boarding student from Ukraine.

Overall, even though it was especially scorching hot due to the jeans everyone had to wear, the trip was exciting, fun and educational.  It helped most of the juniors narrow down their college choice options and gave them a view of the kind of college they would like to someday attend.

junior college trip - 1

Group shot at Baylor.


Group shot at St. Edwards in Austin, TX.


Group shot at Texas State in San Marcos, TX. Texas State proved to be a popular college among the junior class.


Blake, Grace, Daniel, Ben, and Tito listen intently as their tourguide explains the many traditions of Texas A&M.


Jake Anderson. On mission.


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