Game Review: Pokemon Fusion Generation

By Samuel Willis

Type: Free download

Genre: Role-Playing Game

Platform: PC


Pokémon is a handheld video game franchise owned by Nintendo. It was originally created in 1996, and since then has been capturing the hearts of players – both children and adults alike. There have been multiple iterations, or, “generations,” of the franchise as Nintendo has grown and more and more Pokémon have been released as time goes on. After long enough, Pokémon fans came up with the idea of merging Pokémon together to create new ones. This trend has resulted in a new fan-made game – Pokémon Fusion Generation. This game takes this idea of merging Pokémon together to a whole new level – going as far as to make an entire game about it.

This game carries all of the staples of the Pokémon franchise perfectly. Its menu is identical, and its appearance is spot on. It looks like a Pokémon game, and even the music is identical. While not wholly original, that was never the intent of the game. The highest praise I can give this game is that when I play it, it feels like I’m playing a genuine Pokémon game – and that is high praise indeed.

The story of Pokémon Fusion Generation takes place after the events of Pokémon Emerald – when the protagonist of the game (you) travels to Kanto. Upon your arrival there, you take up the quest to become the Pokémon Champion of the Kanto region. As you travel, you meet Bob, a genius with an invention that can be used to fuse Pokémon together.

The game has the traditional turn-based gameplay that you would expect a Pokémon game to include, but the merged Pokémon add an extra element of strategy. These Fusion Pokémon have combined stats and types, and they have very different move-sets. The difficulty of this game is also higher than the average Pokémon game, so I don’t recommend it as an introductory game to the franchise. In fact, if you didn’t recognize any of the terms I used just then, then I recommend passing it up and buying another game from the franchise. Also, the control scheme seems somewhat awkward, and is unfortunately not customizable.

Pokémon Fusion Generation is an amazing game made by its fans to endorse the original product. Those who are interested in it can download it here:


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