Senior Chapel

By Samuel Willis

Last week’s chapel was led by this year’s Senior class. Our speakers taught about courage, identity, perseverance, the importance of pleasing God rather than other people, and the virtues of friendship. The Chapel even included a video of the Seniors on the Senior Trip. The chapel’s finale was made up of a semi-acapella rendition of “One Thousand Reasons” led by the class of 2014.

Photo Sep 11, 11 08 11 AM

Shelby Franklin gives a brilliant speech about courage.Photo Sep 11, 11 00 04 AMMaria shows her scar as she explains how easily worldly things can be taken away. She has a similar scar on her forehead!

Photo Sep 11, 10 59 30 AM

Caleb Wagner leads the chapel as Chaplain.

Photo Sep 11, 11 18 07 AM

Jeffrey Yeager gives a heart-warming speech about friends and how they can change you for the better.

Photo Sep 11, 10 58 49 AM

Grant Perkins steals the hearts of the crowd as he gives his tremendous speech about the Grand Canyon and the importance of persevering through difficult times.

Photo Sep 11, 10 59 10 AM

Grant Perkins finishes his speech with a hilarious selfie.


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