Swimming in the Mainstream: iOS7 Drops

by Grant Perkins

The infamous iOS7, released on September 18, 2013, is a piece of wonderment that is just the beginning to an Apple fall season.

Pros of the new software that I have seen are, of course, the new layout, the fluidness between applications, the very helpful Control Center, and iTunes radio–to name a few.

But of course there are some cons. Seeing as this software is intended for a phone with a better processing system (iPhone 5s/5c), it can slow any earlier model iPhone. The iOS7 operating system also isn’t quick to go to sleep and start back up. And finally, for (what I feel is the majority) the people who skipped through the instructions during the set up stage after downloading iOS7, the new layout can be confusing and you can lose track of things.

Overall, the latest update for Apple’s newest iPhone is a success. Now let’s just see that new phone.

Here are some initial responses from students we asked about the update:

Junior Jason Morris said, “I’ve had it since May, so now everyone can catch up to me. Oh, and it’s amazing. It’s helpful. Handy.”


Bowen Durret and a not-so-pleased Brittany NeJame

“The colors are kinda creepy… but iTunes radio is awesome,” said Brooks Garner.

“I’m getting it right now,” said an eager Cole Cannon. (Yes, he was grinning when he said this.)

“It’s poopoo,” said Brittany NeJame when I asked her friend Bowen Durrett about his experience with the update. Bowen lost pictures, all of his apps, and messages. However, despite the frustrations, he likes several features of the system, like the slow fades on and off, the dots (instead of bars) that show signal strength, and the way the app tiles appear to float when the phone is moved around. NeJame isn’t convinced. “They’re trying to be Samsung,” she said, and went back to her homework.


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