From the Bottom

By Grant Perkins

It’s a true story of triumph. Two students, one teacher, a fleet of writers, and an overarching goal: Make the school newspaper go online.

For the past few years, The Cannon Chronicle has been strictly in print, but in this day and age change is needed. The initial idea for this vision was to piggy-back on the Brook Hill blog (, but we were promptly denied access (for good cause, of course). This meant we had to start from scratch, from the bottom. With the computer experts of Samuel Willis and Mr. Travis (snicker), and the writing skills of head writer Grant Perkins (with the help of Mr. Travis), we made this dream come true–the online newspaper.

Also, it must be known that there will in fact be a print version of the Chronicle. A monthly highlights edition will be released, though exact dates have not yet been hashed out.

*For a visual, see the ENTIRE website.


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